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Time was

January 5, 2015

“Time was when there were things around to be afraid of” Line from the lyrics of “Time Was” by Wishbone Ash . A couple of weeks back, I sat down and listened, for the first time in ages,  to the 70’s album, Argus by Wishbone Ash. The single line of lyrics above seemed to jump […]

Stop, Start, Continue

January 6, 2014

You may be reading this today, on the first working Monday of the new year, having set some resolutions for 2014. Such resolutions usually involve either stopping something we’re doing or starting something new. For instance you may have resolved to stop eating three big pies a day and to start going to the gym […]

Let’s or must in 2012?

January 2, 2012

How often do you use the term “let’s”? This may, at first seem like an odd enquiry, but the answer to it can be very telling. “Let’s go out to a show in town tonight”, “Let’s go away this weekend”, “Stuff it, let’s go home early”. This is the language of spontaneity, of adventure, of […]