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October 5, 2015

I’ve spent some time in the past few days going through a box of old photographs. The snaps stretch way back as far as my late teens. They take in family, work, parties, weddings , client bashes, holidays, my time on an Israeli kibbutz and so on and so on. The pictures feature all manner […]


May 25, 2015

I now, officially have a grown up child. My daughter, Clara turned eighteen on Friday, so we now have two generations of adults living under our roof. Whilst, given my age, it will have been biologically possible to have had an adult child over two decades ago, it still feels like some kind of coming […]

Are you sticking your ‘or’ in?

January 12, 2015

Or – It’s an innocent little word, on the face of it….. Yesterday, my son was about to start vacuuming our living room. I was concerned that the dustbag might be full so asked him “Shall we check the bag or do you think it’s all right”? Given he just wanted to get on with […]


December 1, 2014

. . “When a man dies, he takes a library with him” African saying .  This blog seems to have a loyal hardcore of readers who pick up on posts most Monday mornings when they’re published.  I count among these readers, friends, business contacts, and family, as well as people “out there” who’ve come across […]

And the children?

September 22, 2014

Sitting on a train from Manchester late one evening, I overheard a conversation between two women sitting across from me. They were chatting for most of the journey. Dressed smartly, they were discussing the business meetings they’d had that day. The conversation moved on to other matters, and one of the women was talking to […]

Generation gap ++

June 2, 2014

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting, reading whilst listening to an old Van Morrison album on the stereo. My son, Adam was in the room with me, sat at the table revising for his Latin GCSE exam. It reminded me of how I used to do the same when in my teens with the likes of […]

The good life

April 21, 2014

I’ve never felt particularly comfortable around words like morals or ethics –somehow they smack of judgment, right and wrong and of such things being passed down from some rule book or higher authority. What I do know is that they are all too often the subject of great intellectual and philosophical debate – usually involving […]

Politeness is all well and good……

March 24, 2014

“Say please, say thank you” – this is the mantra of many a parent during their youngsters’ formative years. They are the two base words for being polite. They are good words, and perfectly appropriate in all manner of situations. They embody good manners. Yet, I happen to have quite an issue with the notion […]

A fish, a little girl and the bigger picture

December 23, 2013

A fish is  swimming around in the sea. The sea is its whole world, its entire experience. Until, one day, for a split second it finds itself leaping out of the water and it catches a glimpse of San Francisco Harbour in all its splendour. And then quick as a flash, it’s back to the […]

Sweet sixteens

June 24, 2013

My daughter Clara had her 16th birthday party the other evening. There were about twenty youngsters there, both girls and boys – including Adam, her younger brother. Everyone got on brilliantly. In fact, they all seem to get on famously every time they get together. For example, a number of the families went camping together […]

If you’re happy and you know it…..

April 8, 2013

“So you gave me a home and you gave me a name And you told me ‘behave like the others’ Then you sent me to school which was all about rules And I learned to pretend And so I faked my way through school And now I fake my way to you……” Opening lyrics to […]

Butt out!

May 14, 2012

Last week I did something that I haven’t done in at least a decade. I sat down to watch an episode of Eastenders. I did so, with a notepad in my hand. Why? Well, I wanted to check out a theory that I have held for a while about this particular programme. More on that […]

Googling conkers in Clapham

December 12, 2011

In the autumn I happened to be in Clapham, South London which is where I grew up. I decided to spend a little time tramping around the local streets, taking in both the changes and nostalgically soaking up those few elements that still remained the same.  I came to sit under the horse chestnut tree opposite our former […]

The wisdom of Gareth

October 24, 2011

I am the parent of two teenage children. They’re great kids, but of course I’m biased. Like most parents I wonder about their future, how they’ll make their way through life especially given the increasingly uncertain nature of the world we occupy. I wonder how things will be when they’re in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s […]