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Out of puff?

I’ve been writing these Monday blogs now for over five years and have now reached post number 244!

However, I have found recently that my “blog-muse” has been feeling a little jaded , that my writing seems to be losing some of its spark. Perhaps I’m imagining this, but I’m finding writing posts to be more and more of an effort, rather than a flow. Even as I tap out these sentences, they feel stilted and lacking in life.

With the Christmas break approaching, I’m going to let my muse have a little lie down. In so doing, it can decide whether it returns refreshed in the new year or whether it will be time to call it a day. No decision yet, but I’ll be back one way or another on Monday 11 January to let you know “where to from here”. I hope the spark does return, but if not, I know that will also be right. These things can’t be forced.

It just remains for me to wish you and yours a very happy Christmas and New Year break. Enjoy!


One Response to “Out of puff?”

  1. One possibility is to go monthly or some even longer frequency. I well remember the relief of letting go my monthly bulletin deadlines!

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