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Where are you?

The other day I was chatting with a fellow trainer who told me a mutual contact had moved on to another training organisation. I decided to look him up and try to make contact with a view to seeing if there were any opportunity there to do business.

I located the company’s website and sought out the contact page. The only means by which I could get in touch was to complete an online form. There was no phone number or office address provided. In other words, no clue was available as to their physical location.

This was just one more example of how, in recent years, geographical location is considered to be less and less important. I wasn’t seeking to travel to that company’s offices unbidden, but would still find it handy to know where they might be based. It’s as if the world is increasingly being made up of online locations, rather than physical ones – a reflection of how we increasingly choose to communicate. The feel of that website was of faceless anonymity, creating the ultimate irony, given they are in the business of training people!

I always like to ask folk in call centres where they happen to be based. I find it interesting. I usually ask my delegates on courses where they live. It can turn out that they are just up the road from me or happen to have mutual connections.

And, when we do go out and about, we rely increasingly on GPS technology to guide us, leaving us with little or no sense of north, south, east or west. We blithely follow the nice lady’s instructions like robotic sheep.

I fear the time may come where we all inhabit only that great, amorphous territory called cyberspace and lose all sense of our diverse roots and physical location. And, if GPS technology went into meltdown, what kind of chaos would ensue?

Perhaps, not all is lost – my smartphone does have a compass included, although I wonder how often people use that function or even would know how to!

If you wish to comment, you know where to find me – online at least! But, just for your information, I’m located in Barnet on the borders of North London and the county of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom. It’s on the map.

One Response to “Where are you?”

  1. Hi Chris, I guess we are all becoming people of the world these days. Just as easy to run a business from a beach in the West Indies as an office block in the City. Have a great Christmas and New Year. Lets catch up in 2016. All bests. Bernie.

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