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Ten words for a better world?

There’s an awful lot of upset in the world at the moment. Our media and leaders seem intent on sending messages that can strike fear in our hearts, stifle our spirit. The assumption is that the only way forward must be to fight.

As my way of handling this, I list a number of words below, in no particular order, that I think can make all the difference. This is no short term fix, it may take decades or even generations, but we have to start somewhere…….

Awareness – awareness of my thoughts, feelings, actions and their impact. Awareness of others’ needs and feelings.

Understanding – the capacity to step back, suspend judgment and consider “why”? Judgment is the enemy of understanding.

Contribution – how can I contribute? What can I do, however tiny, to make some difference?

Feelings – we are emotional beings, driven by our feelings. To deny that can destroy our spirit.

Delivering – If a promise or commitment is made, we aim to keep it and manage expectations if we can’t do so.

Engagement – communicate, find that common ground and understand differences through dialogue.

Integrity – be who we are. No pretence, no mask.

Laughter – the best medicine!

Gratitude – appreciate what we do have, but not in a “you should be grateful” kind of way. There’s an awful lot to be thankful for.

Silence – quiet time away from the hubbub.

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