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I’ve spent some time in the past few days going through a box of old photographs. The snaps stretch way back as far as my late teens. They take in family, work, parties, weddings , client bashes, holidays, my time on an Israeli kibbutz and so on and so on.

The pictures feature all manner of people, many of whom are still in my life, albeit older and – in some cases – saggier. Others have since died. Many have moved on and disappeared from my life. Yet others are people I don’t remember and no longer recognise – “”Who on earth was that? Where were we? Aah, I remember now – my ex wife, our wedding day…..”

These photos reflect just a minute portion of past experiences. Most of what I did over those years has vacated my bonce, possibly never to return.

Talking yesterday with Ingrid, my partner, we discussed the fact that our 17 year old son had been out all night yet again and the concern it caused. I reminded her that, at his age, I was out virtually ever Saturday night, returning the following morning to find my parents having their breakfast, or even back as late as lunchtime – on one occasion, my face collapsing exhaustedly into my plate of food.

Hardly a Saturday went by without at least one party to go to – sometimes as many as three or four.

Yet, how many of these Saturday sorties can I recall? A tiny handful.

All those good times expelled from my memory cells, and not just as a result of being drunk at the time! Having said that, I do vaguely recall sometimes sleeping “rough” having had a skinful. There are also fuzzy memories of walking, or rather stumbling, in the early hours across London on my way home. These days, I’m amazed if I make it to 1am, before wanting to get back from a do!

They say that youth is wasted on the young. I’m not so sure – the waste is that so very few of the memories remain. I’m glad of all those faded snaps.

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