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The name has it

Looking over a delegate list for a course I was running last week, I spotted someone with a very unusual surname. This also happened to be the surname of Neil, a guy I knew for a while way back in the early 80’s.

I asked the woman whether she was in any way related to Neil and she declared “Yes, he’s my husband!”. A conversation then ensued, bringing me up to date on what this erstwhile buddy had been up to in the intervening years. She was even able to show me current pictures of him on her phone.

As well as such chance encounters, I’ve managed in recent years to track down all sorts of people from the past via the internet, especially using social media. I’ve also been “rediscovered” by others. It has been a fantastic way of reconnecting and prompts me to think that my children, and others of their generation, will never have reason or excuse to lose touch with friends into the future. For better or worse, it will be almost impossible for people to “disappear”.

It can be as simple as putting the person’s name into a search engine and, hey presto, there they are! And, it looks like there will still be space for those little coincidences such as that with my pal, Neil.

Having said that though, three of the other people on the course had the surnames: Khan, Smith and Patel…..


Note: this week’s blog is short & sweet, owing to the fact I’ve just had an eye op & can’t be in front of my screen for very long. Thank goodness for the high contrast screen setting!

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