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As you like it

Like – (verb) to endorse someone or something on social media as a result of being asked by another, in order to help grow or enhance their enterprise or reputation

It’s perfectly possible that this will, in the coming years become a dictionary definition of the verb to “like”.

All language evolves and many word meanings change over a period of time. On the one hand, I see the value of this, but on the other I feel concerned as to how some terms become devalued, diluted and shadows of their former selves.

To like  something or somebody has always been a sentiment that is true, spontaneous and from the heart. If you like something or someone, it involves a feeling, a drawing towards.

With the advent of social media, and most specifically Facebook,  this word has gradually become almost meaningless – evolving into a call to endorse someone or something in a contrived way. Barely a day goes by when a “Facebook friend” doesn’t ask me to like some page or other.  Thinking about it, this is a ludicrous application of the word “like”. In our everyday lives away from social media, we don’t ask people to like a particular cake or make of car, we ask them whether they happen to like it. If so,  they may then endorse or recommend it to others based on their experience of it.

“I’ve just bought these natty new slacks, would you like them please?”  It makes little sense!

And yet, I myself want to be liked. So, I occasionally do agree to  like things online should I be asked, as I wish to remain in peoples’ good books and appear gracious in the face of the request. Therefore, as well as the word itself being devalued, perhaps  I’m also devaluing myself and my integrity by engaging in such nonsense!

Oh dear, I can’t say I particularly like that.

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