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Strong or cheerful?

A while back I put the following question onto my Facebook  page: Which is it better to be – strong or cheerful?

Interestingly, the answers I got fell both ways with some saying strong was better and others declaring cheerful as being most beneficial.

I have to say that, for me, cheerful seems to be the way to go. I find that, the more cheerful I am, the more cheerful I become and, as a result life seems to feel genuinely sweeter. Does that mean life is perfect? No way, but it can be more joyful in its imperfection!

The capacity to be cheerful helps me deal better with those challenging things we all face in our lives.

So, what’s wrong with being strong?  I am concerned that, as we strive to be tough, impregnable, resilient we may lose some of the lightness and humour  that may help us flow through tough times in a more elegant way.

Also, I think people are more attracted to others who are cheerful. Yes, they may admire or respect  those of us who are strong, yet  probably prefer the company of someone cheerful. They may also feel some hesitation in offering support or help to someone strong when it might be needed. Equally, the strong among us will feel an inclination to battle through situations on their own rather than seek the support or succour  of others.

I’d go as far as to suggest that, ironically, cheerfulness actually has a certain strength to it.  This being a certain strength that can come from  laughing at yourself,  and not taking yourself too seriously.  A certain strength that comes from easily and enthusiastically  engaging  with others. A certain strength that is about  embracing and learning from  our flaws and imperfections.

Cheerful yet strong – that sounds about right to me.

One Response to “Strong or cheerful?”

  1. Nice one Chris…………keep up the good work. We must meet up soon for a glass of Tizer anyway. Bests, Bernie

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