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Seriously funny

Being as I’m now in my 60th year, thoughts can easily turn to the kinds of fears people of my age have for later life. For me, these can include failing health, financial challenges and my diminishing eyesight. Yet, one that equally concerns me is the fear of being patronised by others.

I see this all too often with our “senior” citizens and have wondered what the solution to this might be. And just the other day, I found what could be the answer right under my nigh sexagenarian nose.

Have a laugh!

I am pretty much convinced that being able to make people laugh and to have a good laugh yourself is likely to act as a powerful inoculation against such treatment. I admit this is just a thought at the moment, but the longer I entertain that thought, the more I am certain it is valid.

I’d go as far as to say that, if you make someone genuinely laugh, it’s impossible for them to patronise you.

Having finally started my second (as yet unpaid) career in stand up comedy just four months ago, I’ve been delighted to discover that age is no barrier. On top of that, audiences both young and old seem to appreciate me for who I am and laugh at what I say without any hint of patronising. Equally, the laughs I’ve had watching a great array of acts in the past few months have, I’m certain, contributed significantly to my overall well-being.

Week before last, I watched a comic called David James at an open mike night in North London. During his act, he mentioned that he was born in the 40’s which therefore made him significantly older than me. His set was brilliant .  I could see myself doing the same in ten, or even twenty years time. I’m confident I could do it, without a hint of anyone saying “yes, very funny, now drink your nice cup of tea, dear”.

Therefore, the challenge for me is to stay funny – something that, on the one hand could be seen as flippant, yet on the other hand, could be a most effective way to thrive through those upcoming later years.

Seriously funny.

One Response to “Seriously funny”

  1. Having shared that evening with David James, I have no doubt that you will be as funny as he is in years to come. I hope I’m still around in 20 years and going to comedy clubs to support you on stage. I get an image of Sesame Street’s Statler and Waldorf – two grumpy old men making others laugh.

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