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Archive for May 2015

Greenfly man

May 31, 2015

What’s going on here then? Am I heralding the arrival of some new super hero? Not quite….. I recall that, some years ago, there was a man on a course I was running who was a renowned world authority on a certain species of greenfly. In his introduction to the group, he explained how his […]


May 25, 2015

I now, officially have a grown up child. My daughter, Clara turned eighteen on Friday, so we now have two generations of adults living under our roof. Whilst, given my age, it will have been biologically possible to have had an adult child over two decades ago, it still feels like some kind of coming […]

Strong or cheerful?

May 18, 2015

A while back I put the following question onto my Facebook  page: Which is it better to be – strong or cheerful? Interestingly, the answers I got fell both ways with some saying strong was better and others declaring cheerful as being most beneficial. I have to say that, for me, cheerful seems to be […]

Seriously funny

May 11, 2015

Being as I’m now in my 60th year, thoughts can easily turn to the kinds of fears people of my age have for later life. For me, these can include failing health, financial challenges and my diminishing eyesight. Yet, one that equally concerns me is the fear of being patronised by others. I see this […]

Birds and taxes

May 4, 2015

Lying in bed this bank holiday morning, listening to the soothing  sounds of the dawn chorus, my thoughts turned to taxes.  I guess that, with the UK election just days away, the topic  is pretty much in the air. Will taxes go up? Will they go down? Will they be abolished? Whilst that last one […]