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Life savers

“Last year Robert collapsed while playing golf with Dave and Nick, Nick saved my Robert’s life – for that I am eternally grateful.”

I read this on a Facebook post a couple of weeks ago. It was written by a dear, longstanding friend of mine who’d have lost her husband had it not been for the actions of their friend.

I was awestruck by this tiny, yet powerful note of thanks and humbled at the idea of saving another’s life. This is something I have never done.

Yet, lives are saved all the time. Events such as the Nepal earthquake or war zones serve up their generous helpings of life saving heroes. Also medical professionals, such as my young niece and her husband, are saving lives as part of their day to day work.

Whilst these are the obvious “life savers”, perhaps we all contribute, at times,  to saving others’ lives in our own way, usually without even realising it.

Perhaps by being good friends to people, by offering up a listening ear, by giving support through difficult times? We don’t always get to know know the true impact of all our actions.

Are many of us yet to save another’s life for the first time? Perhaps not.

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