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Sprite-ly days!

Spring is in the air, the sun is peeping through, the wood pigeons are coo-ing and my thoughts turn to my Sprite.

I’m not referring to a can of soft drink here.

Rather,  the first car I ever bought which was a 1967 Austin Healey Sprite. I acquired it in my early 20’s  for the princely sum of £275.

For those of you who are not petrol heads, the Sprite was a cute little two seater convertible sports car produced in the days before cars became safe and sterile.  The car had fun written all over it – low down, nippy, very noisy and oh so exhilaratingly windy with the top down!


Several of my mates also had the same car and, it just so happened each was a different colour , mine being British racing green. On one occasion we all went down to the Blackwall Tunnel in London, simply to make a noise as we thundered through.

Recently, I have been working quite a bit for a client in Fleet Street. As I walk from Farringdon station to get there. I can almost hear the ghost of my little Sprite careering up the Farringdon Road. I used to drive through there to work on a daily basis – usually “topless” – from Clapham, whilst fellow commuters struggled and sweated on the tube.

That is, of course no more for me. My failing eyesight meant my having to give up driving some years ago. I feel sad and nostalgic for my Sprite, especially at this time of year, yet I’m so glad I had opportunity to have owned and driven such a fun little machine.

They say it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. I’d add that it was better (for me) to have loved my Sprite and had to stop driving, than never to have loved and enjoyed one at all!

Bitter sweet.

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