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Bank holiday chaps

So, another bank holiday, and chances are there will be queues at all the local DIY outlets as chaps stock up on gear to use for a few hours of DIY. There may also be queues at supermarkets and off licences as chaps purchase a few beers to watch sporting events on TV.

Yet, despite being a chap myself, you’re more likely to see Elvis strolling down your High Street than bespy me engaging in either of these activities.

I think the last time I watched sport on TV, it involved John McEnroe getting uppity with an umpire.

And the last time I took on some serious bank holiday DIY was about 25 years ago. it involved hanging a door with my then father in law. We put in a couple of hours of hard graft, measuring up, aligning, supping several cups of tea, and then proudly stood back, cuppas in hand, to admire the fruits of our labours. We then looked at each other, scratching our chins, in wonder as to how it was that the door knob was so high up. The door had been hung upside down.

Therefore whilst chaps up and down the UK are quaffing beers in front of the sport on TV or painting, planing, sawing, welding or whatever, I shall be doing other things.

I’d still like to think of myself as being one of the chaps though.


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