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Bored? Excellent!

It may come as a surprise to some readers that I’ve spent a large amount of my life feeling bored. I recall vividly the occasions in my childhood when I’d complain of boredom to my mother, only to hear back:  “Idz pluc I lapac – go spit and catch it”!

Yet, hearing the writer and broadcaster, Muriel Gray on the radio a few days ago lifted my spirits on this one.

“ I cherish boredom and loneliness because they are essential components of creativity”

Well, I nearly fell off my chair!

Yes, I can sit for quite considerable periods of time, doing nothing, feeling listless, yet can come out the other end of it feeling a renewed impetus and having new ideas..

It appears then,  that  boredom may actually be quite healthy or at least neutral. Living, as we do, in a world where activity and keeping occupied is considered important, or even vital, perhaps doing “nothing” and getting bored serves just as strong a purpose.

Guilt, of course does rear its ugly head in no time when I’m feeling bored. There’s so much I could and, arguably should, be getting on with . Many declare that there’s no excuse for having nothing to do. And, as such injunctions swim around in my head, so maybe the potential benefits of that boredom are stifled.

Perhaps I need to approach my boredom more lightly, with less guilt attached.

Perhaps that’ll ultimately unleash even more creativity and energy to balance things out.

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