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Take one tea bag, add an uncle and…..

We all had such a laugh years ago when my uncle Wladek had his first experience of using a tea bag. He tore it open, emptied the contents into a tea strainer and brewed himself a cuppa. He’d never encountered or used a tea bag before and had no idea that it should go in the cup or pot whole.

We laughed then. Now, I don’t find it so funny as barely a day goes by when I’m not  baffled by some new way of doing things. As we get older, the world can, if we allow it, become increasingly confusing and challenging  to understand.

Packaging, for example. Cadbury recently changed the way they seal ther chocolate bars and it must have taken me the best part of ten frustrating minutes to get access to the contents. Similarly with Superglue, which now has some kind of safety function built into the tube, meaning you can’t simply unscrew the lid and let the glue flow out. I actually jettisoned an unused tube in sheer rage and used another glue instead!

As for technology – TV sets with half a dozen remote controls, car dashboards that look like the inside of a spaceship and the wealth of applications on mobile phones make for a world where we’re constantly needing to keep up. When I seek guidance from my children on how to download an app, for example, I think back to how I laughed at my “naïve” uncle’s first tea bag encounter.

And what really winds me up is when people then say “It’s really simple”

Yes, for you maybe!


I think I need a cup of tea – that’s if I can sus out the new kettle and get the milk open.

One Response to “Take one tea bag, add an uncle and…..”

  1. I belong to the younger generation but I completely relate to you..
    I genuinely feel technology is taking over in an unhealthy way.. It needs to relax a little,maybe get A cup of tea 🙂

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