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I’ve almost lost count of the number of times I’ve been called brave over the past few weeks.

And, why so?

I’ve started to doing stand up comedy. This involves my pitching up at various venues around London and performing five minute routines and, hopefully getting laughs.

I find it rather over the the top that people consider this a brave thing to do. I’m not being self deprecating, more querying the use of the word “brave”. I’m happy to be admired and respected, but I am doing something I feel I have aptitude for and  I want to do it! I may be trembling with nerves as I approach that stage, yet in my book,  getting up there simply does not equate with the “B” word.

Dodging bombs and bullets in a war zone, or entering a burning building to save someone from the flames would, for me,  require a whopping great dose of bravery. Even asking a youth on the train to turn down their music takes more guts, compared to my desire to get up & make people laugh. Perhaps it would be a question of my whipping the earphones out of matey’s ears and telling him some jokes. Then again,  perhaps not.

There’s part of me that can bask in being labelled as brave, but I would feel more than a tad fraudulent. Yes, I risk being laughed at when I get up on that stage, but of course, that is the point!

And, if they don’t laugh? Well, I “die” that night,  but I live another day. There have been many genuinely brave people who ended up unable to enjoy that luxury and that’s no laughing matter.

One Response to “Brave?”

  1. Chris – guilty, I’m of those who has called you brave. I will define my meaning of it for you.

    I am someone who has often thought about trying stand-up; I think I can be quite a funny person on occasions. What is more, I have even written, albeit in my head, many routines that I think would be well appreciated. But I don’t have the courage to try, which is why I label people that do, as brave.

    This week I stood in front of two-hundred or more people giving a talk. I do not find that a difficult thing to do. I know my subject and am as comfortable talking to many as I am to a few; it doesn’t bother me. To others, they would rather the Earth open up and swallow them. They think of me as brave.

    I wonder what it is that you would like to do, but do not have the courage to even try? To you, the person who steps out of their comfort zone into a place you wont go to, may be considered by you to be brave too.

    I wonder, as I look forward to coming to see you in April, outside of my comfort zone, but in yours, if you will excuse me using the “B” word again.

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