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If only?

Many readers of this blog are likely to be car drivers. I’m not, as I tend to hit things.

However, having been a driver for quite some years before my eyesight became too poor, I still have a pretty good grip on the fundamentals. One of these is about use of the rear view mirror. If I were to suggest that, next time you get in the car you should drive to wherever you are going by just looking in the mirror, you’d rightly think I were crazy.

Yet, how many of us lead our lives that way? I’m talking about the constant looking back, focusing, even obsessing about, the regrets, the “if onlys”.  We can so easily get hooked into these and remain stuck in what’s been and gone – blatant over use of our metaphorical rear view mirror.

We do learn from the mirror in our car – it serves a purpose, but we merely need to glance, take in relevant information and then look ahead. How much energy might we waste by mulling over things past, often time and time and time again:

“If only I’d worked harder for my exams ……”

“If only I’d turned left instead of right…..”

“If only I hadn’t married him/her……”

Yes well, I think I’d best leave it there and move on…….

One Response to “If only?”

  1. Apposite as ever, Chris.

    What a different world we would live in if we all followed the direction to spend more time looking forward. In focusing on what has gone, how many opportunities do we miss?

    Sticking with the car analogy for a moment, it is the children who look out of the window left, right and ahead, pointing out things of interest in their eye line. I am aware that it is they who have more of their lives ahead of them and less to review, whilst perhaps you and I are past half way and have more behind us than in front. However, this is another opportunity for us to learn from the children; let’s take another leaf from their book and continues to wonder what is around the next corner. If we fail to do this, the likelihood is that we will miss it.

    Time for a lunch?

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