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Time was

“Time was when there were things around to be afraid of”

Line from the lyrics of “Time Was” by Wishbone Ash


A couple of weeks back, I sat down and listened, for the first time in ages,  to the 70’s album, Argus by Wishbone Ash. The single line of lyrics above seemed to jump out at me and set me thinking……

Imagine how there could perhaps be a time, one day, when we could utter these words knowing things had genuinely changed so much for the better.

As we enter a new year,  we look forward to the prospect of  it being a good one or, at very least better than the previous one. Yet, can we look much further ahead to a time when there is nothing to be afraid of any more?

Perhaps in a couple of decades time, I’ll be able to write another post on this blog with the same title as this one, looking back to a time when “there were things around to be afraid of”


Wishing you a happy new year AND increasingly so for many years beyond.

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