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That certain sneer

It’s a little over twenty four years since I left my last full time job. I left just in the nick of time.

Very soon after I moved on, the company I’d been working for introduced new technology with a view to there being “a PC on every desk”. I know that I would have found this immensely challenging, given that I’m a technophobe at heart.

My reaction to this was relief on the one hand at not having to adapt to the new ways ( I was only in my early 30’s for goodness sake!), along with that certain sneer.

What do I mean by that certain sneer? It’s that knocking we can get into if we don’t understand or we fear something new or overly challenging.  I would harp on about all the downsides of new technology and how it would probably cause more problems than it solved.  And, yes that has been seen to be the case at times ever since. For example, an “I thought as much” smug reaction often bubbles up when I hear news in the media of IT related debacles!

It’s similar for me with most sports. As I walk past our local rugby pitch on a Sunday morning with the dog, I notice myself enjoying a little sneer at the men and boys choosing to run a round in the freezing cold chasing a ball. I was crap at sport when at school. I was usually the last to be picked for teams. I had no idea my eyesight was poor – peripheral vision wasn’t tested in those days. I therefore assumed I was simply an idiot. So, my defence was for sport to become the object of my ridicule, in order to cover up my true feelings about it.

When still at my last job, I went to watch a five a side soccer match at a local sports centre, played between teams from my workplace.  At one point, one of my mates scored a goal. Another mate thrust his arm around him and they walked triumphantly up the pitch together. It was a tiny incident yet one that still is burned into my memory, as I recall the envy I felt for their sport related camaraderie.

Five a side? Stupid game.

What I learn from this though, is that if we are criticised or knocked out of hand, it’s more than likely insecurity or fear on the part of the ‘critic’.

We sneer at things we don’t understand or that we fear.

I heard say once that there has never been a statue erected in honour of a critic. I certainly can’t think of one. Mind you, if you ask me, I think erecting statues to people is utterly ridiculous.

Sneer, sneer.

One Response to “That certain sneer”

  1. Fantastic article, I particularly like the final sneer.

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