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“When a man dies, he takes a library with him”

African saying


 This blog seems to have a loyal hardcore of readers who pick up on posts most Monday mornings when they’re published.  I count among these readers, friends, business contacts, and family, as well as people “out there” who’ve come across them during their travels on the web.  However, Its quite rare that my teenage children read any of the posts. They’re drawn to other stuff – at the moment.

Now that I’ve come to write this, my 200th post, I can’t help thinking  that the blog could provide a lasting legacy. Perhaps, in years to come my youngsters and their children and their children’s  children will devour my work with interest and fondness.

Yet, I wonder.

I wonder whether such legacies will hold as much intrigue and value as those left by our forebears. Perhaps its all a bit too easy now to leave a lasting record – if not through words, then through huge smartphone or computer generated repositories of photos, video, art or music.

Currently, the process of digging out a few surviving faded photos from years back or watching short snatches of cine film from childhood or earlier can really spark an imagination that extends beyond mere record.

My mother wrote a significant amount of poetry when she was young. She had it all written down in a large exercise book. Years later,  a water spillage obliterated virtually all her work in one go. To the best of my knowledge,  just four poems remain. A tragedy. Yet, perversely perhaps, they seem all the more precious for being a mere surviving fragment of her work.

In the future, will  too much legacy material somehow devalue it,  stifle that imagination, that intrigue? Will our descendants further down the line just get overwhelmed and ultimately numbed or bored by it all?

I hope not. I imagine these blog posts may provide future generations of my family with a fascinating insight into the thoughts, feelings and experiences of their dad,  granddad, great granddad and beyond.

The thought of it does make me smile.

And, for those of you who’ve been regular readers, I hope you agree that there’s been some cracking stuff posted here over the past four years or so. I love writing it and  I’m very proud of it. Equally, if you are reading this decades or even generations from now, I hope the posts still have value and hit the spot for you!

Here’s to the next 200 – and beyond!

One Response to “Legacy”

  1. I often think about legacy – whether in the traditional sense (leaving my assets to the next generation) or in terms of what my legacy will be. Will I be remembered or thought of in one hundred years?

    Yesterday was the forty-fifth anniversary of my grandfather’s death – though I was only twelve when he died, I was close to him and think of him often, though I’m not sure about what his legacy has been.

    If each of us lived our lives ensuring that what we leave for the next generation and the one beyond that, is only positive, then our world would be a better place to live in.

    Thanks, as ever, Chris, for helping focus my mind on what is important.


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