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That night time “stuff”

At just before three o’clock this morning, I found myself awake. I don’t know what woke me, but in that moment I was feeling really calm and relaxed. I wasn’t anxious, I wasn’t concerned. I turned over in order to try and get back to sleep.

Then it came. The thought-seed. A tiny, single thought that, within a few seconds unleashed an avalanche of further thoughts – all of them negative.

“Cripes, I’ve got to get going with my accounts……Need to finish those trainers’ notes for that client……..What if the bank can’t provide copies of those missing old statements I need…..Oh no, I forgot to return that call……What am I going to write about in my blog…..” and so on and so on……

Such thoughts arrive like smoke entering a ballroom through a tiny gap under the door. It takes virtually no time for the room to fill and the atmosphere changes dramatically – for the worse.

If anyone is looking for a good example of mind-body connection, then here’s a corker! As my thoughts continued, so my chest got a little tight, the box of captive butterflies in my tum threw its doors open, even my ankles started aching.

Thankfully though, I had a way of dealing with it. It was probably too late to simply try and change my thoughts – like attempting to push the smoke back out through the gap under the door.  I daresay I could have prevented it earlier, but it was now too late. This was now the full McCoy –  physical and emotional, as well as mental. I set about using Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT (not to be confused with EFT as in Electronic Funds Transfer – although an electronic transfer of funds in to my account could also help, I’m sure!). I was introduced to the technique a few years ago by a good friend. This is a very simple, non invasive process, that can be self administered, and helps create those body and emotive shifts and clear the nasty stuff out.

So, I set about quietly working on myself, as my partner lay asleep beside me. A few minutes and several belches and heavyweight yawns later, I was feeling calm and relaxed once again and drifted off into a luscious slumber for a further few hours. Magic.

Yet, I know I could have prevented this happening in the first place.

On occasion when I have woken in the night, I’ve used it as an opportunity to practise gratitude. This seems to be (for me) the ultimate preventative against those nasty negative thoughts rearing their head. It seems to seal that gap under the door. If I’m thinking about all the things I’m grateful for, then there is no space for the tricky stuff to get through in the first place! It calms me, and usually does the trick. And, even if I don’t get back to sleep, the time awake is enjoyably spent – like an extra long lay in!


Note: EFT is considered by most of the medical establishment to be nothing more than a placebo. It has worked for me and others I know. Does it work for everyone, all of the time? No, but I have personally found it very helpful on quite a number of occasions. You can find more information about EFT here

One Response to “That night time “stuff””

  1. Placebo is a real effect. There’s a load of scientific research that shows people will get better when given a placebo if they believe it will work. The even managed to get olympic athletes to produce peronal bests by giving them placebos.

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