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A fine mess!

July 28, 2014

I messed up recently. Thankfully, it didn’t end up with major repercussions, but may well have done. A major training organisation I work with regularly  asked me to re-run a programme that had flopped badly for one of their key clients under the tutelage of another trainer. Flattered by such a request, I allowed my […]

The .001% (or less?)

July 21, 2014

Ever since the Occupy Wall Street movement came into being in 2011, the figure of 1% has taken on quite a potent meaning. The idea that such a small percentage of the world’s population enjoys a massively disproportionate amount of its material riches is, of course, understandable reason for great disquiet. Actually, I consider myself […]


July 14, 2014

In recent weeks, three things have happened that have left me baffled and frustrated. I’ll go through them briefly, one by one: I contacted our boiler engineer asking him to pop round to stamp our boiler service book, as I couldn’t find it when he’d been recently to service our installation. Having left a voicemail […]

Great work, great contribution, but……

July 7, 2014

Sitting chatting with the HR Director at a newspaper publisher’s a while back, the conversation turned to the people that were working there. She was responsible for the welfare of several hundred staff engaged in a whole range of roles. In her position, she would need to deal with all manner of issues concerning all manner […]