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Where are they now?

I wonder where they all are now? I wonder if they remember the time they spent with me? I wonder whether that time spent made a real and lasting difference to their lives? Do I ever come to mind at certain moments?

Am I talking about ex girlfriends?


I’m referring to people who have attended training courses that I’ve run. Having led training programmes now for well over two decades, I’ve worked with a pretty significant number of people.

Each course is like a temporary community that comes together for up to several days. It’s usually a lively, stimulating  gathering with much sharing, learning  and often its fair share of banter and laughs. And, at the end of a course, as I sit in the training room with name cards and spent coffee cups the only sign of erstwhile life, a sadness can come over me.

The community thus dissolved, those individuals will have gone back into their day to day lives, hopefully primed and motivated to apply what was shared in the room.

I tidy up, gather my things, turn out the lights and wend my way home – usually satisfied, if a little tired.

I’ve worked with some of these individuals  subsequently, as I’ve been asked to run further courses. Others have been back in touch via the internet, but most simply came, attended, participated and went.

There have been times when I’ve half recognised someone on a train or on the street and wondered whether they’d been in a training group at some point in the past. My “graduates” are all out there in the world, milling around, doing their thing!

I derive huge satisfaction from the work I do, yet there is a part of me that wonders just how much of an impact it will have made in the longer term.

So, by way of reassuring myself, I’m going to go mathematical on this one:

I calculate that I’ve probably worked with approximately 25,000 individuals  since starting out back in 1990. The vast majority gave very good to excellent feedback when completing evaluations before disappearing back into the world outside the training room. I guess that, simply by law of averages there will be a proportion whose lives were changed or even transformed by something they’d picked up on one of my courses –  assuming there’s no delusion on my part!

Continuing with the maths (or math for US readers): if as few as just 1% of people who’ve been through my hands have enjoyed real, discernable  benefits, then 250 ain’t such a bad count!

That leaves me feeling pretty good.

This coming week,  I’m due to work with 27 people on two, separate programmes. I wonder which of them, if any, will remember me two decades or so from now…….



One Response to “Where are they now?”

  1. attended one of your courses in prague a few years back. Unforgettable.

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