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“Letterbox” days ahead

“Autumn is a season immediately followed by looking forward to spring” Anonymous

I awoke this morning at six o’clock. It was still dark. It was the first real sign for me that autumn is well and truly here and part of me loves it. I’d say that it is my favourite season, with spring coming a very close second. The crisp air, the turning leaves, the wind in the trees – love it!

However, each autumn I also get to feel that little more wary than the previous one. It’s the precursor to the coming winter and ultimately what I call “letterbox” days. Daylight hours being like a narrow slit in an otherwise predominantly dark 24 hours.

As a person with poor night vision I’m reminded of the irony of the old English (and still American) word for autumn, which is “fall” – as, of course each winter my risk of falls, bumps and other mishaps is never far away.

So, on the one hand I adore the feel of autumn, yet I’m split because of the dark hours to come.  I brace myself for the months ahead and look forward to my other favourite season early in 2014.

There’ll be no hibernation though, just a need to remain upbeat and get out there and get on with it.




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