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Shocking Phil

Just a few days ago I declared to a man called Phil that he was the most important person in my life, at that moment.  He was certainly taken aback!  And, indeed  you may think: “ Goodness me – has Chris taken a liking to a potential new, male life partner and thinking of abandoning Ingrid and the kids?”

Worry not.

The key phrase in describing what I declared to Phil was  “at that moment”. He was a delegate on  a customer care course I was running. He’d asked a question and I was demonstrating how important it was to  engage 100% with him as I answered his enquiry.  It was my way of I was making the following point: When dealing with a customer, or indeed any human being, we should see them as being the most important person in the world to us – for the duration of the exchange. As we then move on to our next customer, course delegate, coaching client or whomever,  our attention would then need to shift wholeheartedly to them.

Have you ever been at a party or function talking to someone and they start looking over your shoulder to see if there is anyone more “important” to engage with?  I’ve certainly been guilty of this kind of thing myself at times in the past.

Surely, if we are engaging with another person, they deserve to have our full attention – to be the most important person in the world to us, there and then. As I write this, Ingrid is downstairs on the phone with a friend. Were I to interrupt her, she could take umbrage, given that her mate is her centre of attention at this point in time. Does that mean that her buddy  takes priority over myself as Ingrid’s life partner? Yes and no. Yes, for the duration of the call, but no in the broader sense – I hope!

So, a simple rule of thumb: When engaging with anyone, make them the centre of your universe – they’ll certainly appreciate you all the more for it.

Every individual counts.

And, if you’re not so interested in meaningful and fulfilling exchanges, then keep looking over those shoulders for other, more “important” bods to say hi to – it’s what’s known as being shallow.

I’ve just noticed that Ingrid’s off the phone now, so I’d best go and check whether I’m still her number one!  I hope so…..



2 Responses to “Shocking Phil”

  1. Chris

    Having just returned from a networking event, I notice how many times this demonstration of disinterest was evident. How short people’s concentration span is.

    When I am in the networking room, I know that have about 45 seconds to grab attention, so I never mention work in that period; I say something meaningful and authentic about me – or if I can about the other person. That, I find gives me the next block of time – which could be as long as three minutes. By then, they are, as you describe, looking over my shoulder.

    No wonder some people take the easy option and sit and wait to be found, or don’t go there at all. Though I enjoy the challenge of networking, I understand their process too.

    Thanks as ever – by the way, you are always one of the most important people!


  2. Wonderful reminder of the importance of here and now. If only more people could stop to take in the person and the place and enjoy the moment. You present great ideas here and you express them beautifully. Keep writing. Anita x

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