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Stop mucking about?

I’ve never been a particularly goal orientated person. I seem to be more into the journey of life, rather than focused on clearly defined outcomes. Having said that, part of me has often envied people who seem utterly focused on achieving a particular life or career goal – the driven ones who single mindedly pursue a specific dream.

This can manifest in all sorts of endeavours such as sport, business, entertainment, the arts and so on. Such individuals  go for it big time and do often hit the the dizzy heights of success – or, at least success that’s measured in conventional terms.

These people don’t muck about. Yet, could their not mucking about actually have a significant downside?

I wonder what such people lose out on by being so utterly focused? We often hear of the making of sacrifices, having trouble holding down relationships, eschewing family life in order to pursue their dream. The rest of the world is all but blotted out. And, once that goal is achieved – what then?

The destination at the expense of enjoying the journey.

Can success be measured in another way?

I heard someone quip on the radio the other day “I’m Jack of all trades, master of fun”. It went over my head at first, but I then thought that a real truth lies in that particular joke. The more I think about it, the more I like it.

It’s interesting to note that very often (although, to be fair, not always), the great focused achievers appear to have had their humour glands surgically removed. Fun doesn’t seem to come into it.

Usually, where there is relentless pursuit of perfection, there is no space left for humour.

At risk of sounding flippant, I’d prefer a life that includes a healthy dose of  mucking about any day!





One Response to “Stop mucking about?”

  1. You are right Chris. I feel the same. On the other hand, Dorothy Parker said “i always wanted to be someone, but I should have been more specific”. Of course if she had been, she would never have had the humour to say that.

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