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At the end of a particularly fun day’s work a few weeks back, I was saying goodnight to the security guard in the reception where the course had taken place. My cheeky chappy self was very much in evidence and we had a playful, jokey exchange. As I left the building, I spotted him through a side window still smiling broadly to himself as he answered a phone.

It struck me that  it was very likely he would pass that smile on and that, in turn, it could well be passed on by whoever was on the end of the line.

At the time, the thought crossed my mind that the incident would make a good basis for a blog post, and subsequently I forgot all about it.

Then, a week ago I received word that a remarkable man I knew called Graham Browne had died suddenly in Sydney. He was a teacher on a personal development course called Turning Point which I first attended over two decades ago. His teaching helped me move on in my life in unestimable ways and has also contributed hugely to my work as a trainer.

A couple of nights ago, I attended a get together in a local pub to pay tribute to him.

During the course of the evening, several people chose to say a few words about Graham and how he had made a difference in their lives. One of those who spoke was my friend Kevin, who eloquently and passionately shared how Graham’s teaching didn’t just affect those in the course room, but also created ripples that still expand to this day.

As I was listening intently, the interaction I’d had with the security guard came back to mind.

Ripples don’t just start in the course room. They aren’t just created by great teachers like Graham Browne. We all create such ripples every day with something as simple as a smile and a nod, or an acknowledgement and likely as not those ripples will spread. How wide might such simple ripples spread? The sky could be the limit.

Ripples can, of course, be negative as well as positive. With social media they can spread at a supersonic rate across the globe. If I give encouragement or a compliment, I may be creating encouragement or compliments for any number of others. Conversely, a snide joke or a dig may be destined to create upset and ill will for many others over and above the person they were intended for.

I’m certain every one of us will create ripples today. The question is, will they be positive ones or negative? Will they serve to enhance others’ lives or taint them? The choice is ours.


For information on Turning Point courses and the extraordinary impact they can have on our lives, visit:



3 Responses to “Ripples”

  1. hi chris just to prove I do read and take on board watch this

    big hug, Greg

  2. That would be such fun Chris, you should take Ingrid with you, and you could have fun together! I can just imagine you having the guts to do it too – I dare you!

    Wouldn’t it be nice to say nice things about people while they are still alive? It does happen from time to time, doesn’t it, but probably not often enough. At church homegroup last week we did an after dinner game where there were pieces of paper passed around in a basket each one with one name of a person present, we picked one out and wrote what we thought of them, then passed it round again and each person took one randomly and read it out. the rest of us guessed who it was about. it was fun, funny and encouraging, and we all got to take a piece of paper home with nice things about us on it. I guess it could all go horribly wrong though!

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