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Mr Angry and the French lemon

It’s been one thing after another with our car. The latest occurred last week when the rear screen was smashed at around tea time on Monday evening. On looking at the car the police thought the damage was more than just a broken window as part of the tailgate had sprung up – making it look as if it was broken.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I put in an insurance claim – the wrong type of claim. What should have been a simple window replacement job ended up involving recovery trucks, courtesy cars, the prospect of paying hefty excess etc……

I was not happy – especially given that it turned out that I’d messed up. Had I taken a better look at the damage, I’d have sussed that it was far less than first thought.

Not only was I not happy, I was livid. Funnily enough, not just with the perpetrator or the police or the insurance company, but mainly with myself, for being such a nunce!

I felt as though I’d led the whole situation down the wrong path – a path of no return – and would have to pay dearly for it. By Thursday morning I was beside myself with rage. I took the dog out. Out in the fields I ranted, I stamped my foot, I flailed my fists – any half decent cartoonist would have depicted me with a scarlet countenance and gallons of steam issuing from my lugholes. I ended up giving myself the stiffest of talkings to about the whole mess.

I returned in a totally different space. Within an hour or so, I’d sorted it. The veil of anger had cleared and, with a couple of phone calls, just about the whole situation was resolved.

I believe my anger served me well. Most of us fear and run away from anger but sometimes it is what’s needed – even if directed at ourselves. Given the police thought the damage was worse, I’d figured I might find an angle to get the car written off, but it backfired. That’s greed for you. My anger allowed me to realize what I’d done and helped clear out the s**t!

Oh, I forgot to mention that, just the previous week we’d received a quote from the garage for just under £2000 (just short of the car’s value) to get it through its MOT!  We’re talkng Citroen here – not Ferrari or Bentley! Getting the beast written off would have been oh so handy and oh so timely.

So, the insurance have coughed up, the window is repaired and my mate Rick will fix it up for its MOT at a fraction of the cost quoted.

I’ve only just realized that, if you remove the letter “e” from the name Citroen, you end up with Citron – French for lemon. Couple that with its model name: C5, which was the failed joke electric car made by Clive Sinclair a few decades back and, I guess you have a rather naff combination.  No coincidence, I’d suggest. If only I’d spotted it before we bought the flippin’ thing.

Anyone want to buy a car – it’s actually very nice (when it works). Honest!




One Response to “Mr Angry and the French lemon”

  1. Yupn its funny that how the world seems to conspire against you and then you see another direction – have just been doing an essay on anger and its value – I’m voting yes but so many others don’t – hey thanks for that Chris – enjoyed x

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