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What are you missing out on?

“[Pippa] wonders what the new DG would have said had he been allowed to finish a sentence or two.”

This slightly cryptic looking sentence was a post written on Facebook a few weeks back by a buddy of mine.

She was referring to a radio interview that morning with the new Director General of the BBC. Whilst I didn’t listen to the interview, I can imagine how he will have been interrupted by the interviewer. It seems to be happening more and more.

I’m prompted to wonder how much information, how many views and opinions, how much of life’s richness we miss out on because we butt in.

Some readers may recall that one of the first posts I wrote back in late 2010, described such interruptions as “Uncontrolled Verbal Vomiting” or “UVV”. Almost two years on, the UVV epidemic continues unabated and there appears to be no antidote or vaccine anywhere on the horizon.

The only answer, meanwhile is awareness, patience and trust.

Awareness that I’m about to vomit, the patience to listen and wait my turn to speak, along with the trust that I shall, indeed have that opportunity to have my say.

Next time you feel tempted to verbally vomit, make that supreme effort to do these three things and allow yourself to listen, really listen. I find this tough myself but, when I do manage to do it, the conversation usually flows beautifully. The alternative may be to have your say (albeit prematurely) but also most probably to never ever find out what the other person was going to tell you. You may not consider that a shame, but you never know.

In any given day, there must be millions of conversations that are brutally and prematurely aborted before they have a chance to fully unfold. What a loss!

So, when you next engage in a conversation, hold back and see where things go – it could be a real revelation. Then again, it may not be.

Vomit though, and you’ll never know…………


To find out more about the dangers of verbal vomiting, read my previous post on the topic. Simply  follow this link.



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