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The “Nor-way”

“During the trial we got the story of Breivik’s past and why he became that way. I think that’s the most important thing for us who are trying to become politicians – that we want to create a society that won’t create another Breivik……….We need to create a society that includes everyone, so no one can become a lone wolf [like Breivik]”

These are the words of one of the survivors of the July 2011 massacre being interviewed on the radio last Friday. She is a young Norwegian Labour party member with aspirations to eventual public office.

What an amazing way to look at the situation. A real desire to understand the conditions under which someone carries out such an act along with a willingness to acknowledge that such atrocities are a shared responsibility. It doesn’t lessen the horror of the act, yet seeks to find root causes and deal with them at that level.

Nothing about revenge or retribution – more restorative  justice and, above all, a genuine desire to understand.

That young woman seems to reflect the predominant feeling in Norway.

I can’t help wondering how things might be if other nations and, especially their leaders,  were to think and behave as the Norwegians have done. I wonder what kind of world it would be, what kind of world it could be?

Idealist? Perhaps, but I’m certain we all have something to take notice of and learn from what I dub the  “Nor-way”.



One Response to “The “Nor-way””

  1. Brief and to the point – and what a point.
    How many of us will work to create the Nor-way?

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