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Servus interruptus

Imagine you switch on your kettle in the morning and it switches off half way through the boiling process. Imagine you put a wash in the machine and it keeps cutting out and you have to re-start it each time. Imagine your car breaking down, on average once every 10 days or even several times on a single trip. And what if the car is fine but the road is in a shocking, half built state? Would you put up with such things? Almost definitely not.

Yet, we all seem to tolerate such interruptions to service on a regular basis……  I’m talking computers. I’m talking mobile phones. I’m talking “cutting edge” technology.

In fact, I’m talking ironic.

The super whizz bang technology that is evolving at a rate of knots is awesome, stupendous, mind blowing. BUT, so much of the time it breaks, it fails, it lets us down. AND we seem to put up with it.

Just today, I had two instances – one where my computer simply froze, another where a radio programme I was listening to on my phone’s radio app kept coming on and off.

It isn’t necessarily the kit itself, but more often the infrastructure (or patchiness of it) that affects the performance. So, whilst zillions of dollars/euros/pounds/shekels etc are poured into developing the latest kit and applications, it appears that the road it travels on is allowed to remain bumpy, cracked, potholed or even non existant in places.

I guess much of this is about the companies who are developing and selling this stuff  remaining competitive and “being seen” to have the best and most advanced  product on the market. However, the fact that so much of the time, it simply won’t or can’t work is quite hilarious. So, as I set off for a week of camping in the Derbyshire countryside, I have no idea whether or not I shall be allowed contact with the rest of the world via my snazzy, latest generation handset.

I wonder what visitors from outer space would make of all this?

I vowed, when I started writing these blogs that I wouldn’t use them as a platform for whingeing, so I’ll leave it there for now and end with another analogy:

Imagine going out with a remarkably beautiful woman or man, who is intelligent, charming, witty, passionate and wealthy to boot. Imagine them not showing up for dates, getting up and leaving half way through  conversations, spontaneously falling asleep or talking nonsense, totally ignoring you at times, even freezing on the spot……

Would you put up with it?

I suppose it may depend on just how wealthy they happen to be!


PS: As for my “state of the art” digital radio – why does it take about 10 seconds to come on? It’s like going back to the days of valves! Oops – caught myself whingeing – I’m putting the kettle on……



One Response to “Servus interruptus”

  1. What we all have to remember is that IT/computers have reached the stage of development the motorcar reached in 1896. It’s still “Get out and get under” time. Progress is slow because there is no quality control; instead of ensuring Mark I works, their creators rush to get Mark II out aggravating all the problems they never ironed out in Mk I.

    If only they were “Servus” (Slave); the trouble is they think they’re clever than we are, and cancel our instructions.

    They are good (if stupendously over-complicated and slow-witted) at some things – istore and sheet music downloads, airline tickets for instance. But it does need someone to take the whole thing by the scruff of the neck and shake it till the rubbish falls out!

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