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A few weeks back, a long standing friend of mine celebrated her 50th birthday – some of you reading this may know whom I’m referring to.

I had it in mind to send a card, but somehow it slipped my mind. Come the day of her birthday, I be-spied a number of greetings posted on Facebook  wishing her a great day. For some strange reason I found myself desisting from joining the throng and, in fact sent a message a day or two later with belated wishes. I do feel bad about that and for not remembering in the first place.

It would have been so easy to tap out a quick birthday message, hit the mouse and get on with other things.

I have really mixed feelings about this. Back in January, I received a veritable flood of birthday greetings from friends on my Facebook page. It actually felt really good – I was glad of it. Nevertheless, I did wonder how many greetings I may have received had I not been on Facebook?

I decided to send an individual personal note of thanks to each of those well-wishers anyway,  in an effort to personalize things a little. It took a while, but I enjoyed doing it.

It’s so easy to send FB greetings – we’re even prompted by an email each weekend to tell us someone’s birthday is coming up. However, does it take human fallibility or diligence out of the picture?.

To make a personal note of a friend’s birthday in a diary and to then take the time to write a personal handwritten greeting days in advance takes some effort. This can even involve actually making the card, which my partner and the children tend to do. That’s before you have to invest a small fortune in a stamp! As for trotting to the postbox – my my, pre-technology life was tough!

Yet, receiving something of that nature can be a delight – testament to the friend having put heart into the greeting.

I regret having overlooked my mate’s 50th, and especially having to miss her party, but it prompts me to pause for thought – to take time over wishing people well on such occasions and avoid the simple “mouse-click” approach.

However, I may still need to fall back on e-greetings in some form – virtually all the card shops in our area have closed and I’m not that great at making my own!

It will be interesting to see what occurs on my own next birthday following this piece – should I forewarn the postman I wonder?


PS:  John, I know it’s your 60th later this week so I’ll send you greetings now – you know who you are! Have a great one you old rascal! (That saved me the price of a stamp and a schlep up to the post box – tee-hee!)



One Response to “Greetings!”

  1. I’m all for efficiency but with a personal touch – so how’s this. Chris, I genuinely like you and wish you a happy birthday for every year that you are alive (and christmas too for that matter). If you don’t receive an e-card or fb message from me (fat chance) then think back to my little message here and I am sure it will fill you with warmth. I would hope that you think similar of me, so no need to respond (unless you don’t of course), and I will take your good wishes in the spirit of efficiency. Soz Royal Mail

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