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Love me or hate me……

Imagine you are in a room and you ask someone a question or make a request of them. Imagine they then just turn their back on you and simply ignore you. Without a doubt you would feel mightily offended.

Yet, increasingly it seems that people are being ignored when we communicate in writing.

Now, this is not a subtle hint for people to give feedback comments on my blog, I’m talking about something a lot more significant.

During just the past few days I ‘ve heard a couple of examples on the radio of what I’m talking about.

In one case, young 16-20 year olds were being interviewed about job prospects. Time and again they said that they would apply for jobs and hear absolutely nothing back, not even an acknowledgement.

The G4S  Olympic debacle has uncovered a similar situation where people were recruited, trained and told they would be contacted by email about duties. There was then complete radio silence for months. Little wonder many didn’t show for duty when eventually summoned – they’d probably felt ignored and disrespected and thought  “stuff that”. Who can blame them?.

Applying for employment is big  – arguably one of the most significant things any individual needs to do in their lives. To be ignored out of hand when so much can be riding on it, is nothing short of abusive.

I fear that many organisations are likely to get their fingers burned by having such disregard for job applicants . People have more power now to spread the word via social media and tarnish companies’ reputations as employers. I have a feeling G4S are going to find it pretty tough attracting high calibre people for quite a while.

Yet, part of what prompts this piece is guilt on my part. A couple of days ago I found a neatly typewritten letter from a young man called Andrew who lives in my area asking if I have any positions. It had been sent to me back in early June, and I’d chucked it to one side and ignored it. Granted, he wasn’t replying to an ad, he was making a speculative enquiry. He’d gone to some significant effort and expense writing to myself and, I guess, other local businesses. He appeared to have put a lot of thought into the well crafted CV he’d enclosed. So why shouldn’t he deserve a courteous reply, even if I couldn’t help him? How might that boost his efforts? What would it cost me?

How often might all of us do this? We receive an email or letter and consider it unimportant – to us – and leave it, without even so much as an acknowledgment. So, whether it be an enquiry about a job or any other written communication, l’d say its important to consider seriously if it warrants a response, whether just  a brief  “thank you”  or even one that’s to the negative.  I’m reminded of that old saying: “Love me or hate me, but never ignore me”.

I have now sent Andrew a (belated) note by email. It cost zero and took me less than 60 seconds.

So, here’s a challenge. Let’s each of us set aside say 15 minutes or so today  to trawl through our inbox and post and make a note of every email or letter sitting there that could warrant a reply – even a short one. We then write and ping over the reply and hey presto, job done.

Lets avoid turning our backs and ignoring each other, it ain’t nice.

Some of you may even receive a red faced note today from your’s truly – I have a horrible feeling there are a few nestling in my own inbox  that I may need to address!

There may be a fair bit of keyboard clacking going on out there in Chrisblogreaderland today……



One Response to “Love me or hate me……”

  1. You have hit the nail on the head, the parrot on the beak or tweaked the mouse’s tail…as they say!? So great post today, Chris, thanks for caring…together we can make it a better world….and no ..before you ask…it was only 2 shredded wheat this morning!

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