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Time, precious time

If I were to ask you to give me £20, would you hand it over without question? I suppose it would depend on who you are, and the nature of our relationship. However, chances are your reaction would more than likely be one of initial bemusement or resistance, followed by wanting to know what it was for and if/when you were likely to get it back.

On the other hand, were I to ask you for twenty minutes of your time, what might the reaction then be?

I imagine that, usually you would be less concerned and more forthcoming.

I picked up this comparison from my buddy and fellow training practitioner John Farrer, when observing him running a time management session. He challenged a participant with the money request and received quite a resistant reaction. So, I went on to use the little exercise on my courses. Virtually every time I have done so, the idea of giving time has always been more palatable to the person than that of giving away hard earned dosh.

This, I suggest is but one of a number of symptoms of our rather floppy and disrespectful relationship with time. As it slips through our fingers, never to be retrieved, we so easily give it away without question or query.

And often, it is perfectly appropriate, even wonderful to give your time to others. However, if you are one of that huge and growing band of people who feel they never have enough time and are stressed as a result, it may be worth checking this out with yourself.

So, just as we would with money, you can enquire as to why, and weigh up if the request will lead to a meaningful use of your precious time. You may find tips given in this post from about a year ago helpful. Perhaps most importantly, watch out for the knee jerk reaction of the “pleaser” in you, who will jump at any opportunity to help someone, only to feel regretful or even resentful afterwards.

Time is precious, which is why I’m going keep this post short, end here and move on…….       


3 Responses to “Time, precious time”

  1. Great comments Chris.
    I am one of those who is liberal with my time and still say I do not have enough of it for myself. Perhaps I’m similar with money too.
    In my experience, people recognise the giving of time as something special and are more appreciative of it than when they receive money.
    Speaking of which, let’s lunch later this week and go Dutch!

  2. Interesting comparison…..makes you think!

  3. Good one Chris. I’m aware of how precious time is, it’s just getting priorities right and not being wasteful doing pointless things and being unmotivated.

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