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January 29, 2012

This Sunday morning as I write this, I’m actually in a bad mood, pissed off or however else you may wish to put it. Part of the reason actually stems from feedback that I get to these blogs. Now, you may think that I must be referring to negative feedback. Actually I’m not. I have […]

Birthdays, tree rings and pretend guitars

January 23, 2012

I celebrated my birthday this weekend and, as of Saturday I am now 56 years old. However, I’ve recently come to think of the age I am in different terms. When asked how old I am, I feel tempted to declare that I am “every age up to 56”. The obvious reason for this would […]

A boardroom full of dentists

January 16, 2012

Some years back, I was invited to run some negotiation skills training for the remuneration committee of the British Dental Association (BDA). Now, like many people, the word dentist has somewhat negative associations for me. I still shudder to this day recalling Mr Kocins, my childhood dentist glaring down at me as I sat, quaking […]

Lo siento

January 9, 2012

Some of you reading this will recognise the title of this week’s post as the Spanish term for “I apologise”. However, the phrase, in its literal form has a subtly different meaning. The words “lo siento” actually translate as “I feel it”. Somehow, to me it comes across as a far more heartfelt and empathic […]

Let’s or must in 2012?

January 2, 2012

How often do you use the term “let’s”? This may, at first seem like an odd enquiry, but the answer to it can be very telling. “Let’s go out to a show in town tonight”, “Let’s go away this weekend”, “Stuff it, let’s go home early”. This is the language of spontaneity, of adventure, of […]