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I recently picked up what I thought was a lovely idea from a blog I was reading. I am, however, ashamed to say that I can’t recall who’s blog it was otherwise I would include a link.

 Anyway, it involves using a simple affirmation that the writer suggested we could utter quietly in our head every time we encounter another person. The idea is apparently Buddhist in origin.

 As you are about to engage, the phrase you say in your head is:

 “I want you to be happy”.

 Simple as that.

 I wonder how much more cordially our interactions would flow if we were all to think that little phrase prior to any interaction? How easy would it be to apply this, especially with people that we have issue with – including, all too often our nearest and dearest?

 Anyway, I read about this some weeks back yet didn’t launch into applying it. For some reason it popped back into my head this morning, hence this piece. Having used it several times already today, I’m pleased to say there are no upsets on the home front so far this morning!

 So, I can’t yet prove it works based on any kind of extensive personal experience, but I’m giving it a crack, because I like the idea. You may wish to do the same, whether with your family, neighbours, mates, colleagues, clients  and indeed any one else, whether friendly, aloof or even downright stroppy. It’ll be interesting to hear how you get on!

 Have a great week – I want you to be happy.

One Response to “Happy”

  1. Hi Chris
    This post is very relevant to me as I practise a lot of Kundalini Yoga which focuses on many of the Buddhist priniciples .
    We are taught to use mantra in our everyday being and when we manifest our thoughts in this way small miracles can happen, like realising how beautiful the morning sun is or discovering actually how many things we have to be happy about.

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