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Bye bye “UVV” – the awesome power of one, tiny behavioural change


A quick interim post to say how extraordinary the feedback has been to the latest post below. Some examples:

 Recommended reading – a revelation on how you can kill a relationship without even trying (and how to avoid doing so…)Richard (Buckinghamshire UK) – posted on Linked In


I find it slightly worrying how much I relate with your blog. I must confess to being guilty of UVVs in both my work and personal life. Stephanie (Sydney, Australia) – by email


Chris, I love your blog – it is the first blog ever, that has managed to grab my attention and keep me interested…………..

…………we are just back from running our first programme in India, which included delegates doing role plays of real conflicts they had witnessed recently in the office. UVV was a key ingredient in the escalation…..      David (Cambridge UK) – Portion of posted comment – see full comment below


 Excellent and wise words which we all need to take note and learn from   Simon (London, UK) by email


“UVV” is rather wonderfully revoltingly graphic! Rachael (Wiltshire, UK) Portion of posted comment – see full comment below


Thank you for reminding me (and others) of my/ our nasty habits! Reflections on what you have to say brings a warm pinky glow of embarrassment to my face and a realisation of how I could/ should have done things differently to further the relationship – whether work/ person/ social    Nigel (Kerry, Ireland)  via Facebook


Please take me off your mailing list  Colin  (South Africa) by email – can’t win ‘em all! ed.


Thank you all!

(Even Colin for the final comment above – it stops my ego swelling too much.) 

More next Monday. If you haven’t done so already, read the post in question below and please pass on the link – it could help  others.


One Response to “Bye bye “UVV” – the awesome power of one, tiny behavioural change”

  1. Good stuff Chris. this is classic emotional intelligence. A variation of your exercise is to get 1 person talking and the other is instructed to listen. The latter can ask questions for clarity but they can in no way challenge or butt the other. The speaker usually reports it is refreshing to be listened to in this way.
    The trainer can then break the news to them both that they have both been practising that other ver relevant skill….coaching!

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