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I hear what you say…..

November 29, 2010

In the post that I wrote this time last week, much emphasis was put on the importance and value of good listening and how it contributes to building stronger, richer relationships.  Great listening isn’t necessarily about merely doing the listening, but also very much about showing, even proving to the other person that we really […]

Bye bye “UVV” – the awesome power of one, tiny behavioural change

November 24, 2010

  A quick interim post to say how extraordinary the feedback has been to the latest post below. Some examples:  Recommended reading – a revelation on how you can kill a relationship without even trying (and how to avoid doing so…)Richard (Buckinghamshire UK) – posted on Linked In   I find it slightly worrying how […]

Are you inadvertantly damaging your interactions & relationships with “UVV”?

November 22, 2010

Please read beyond the first paragraph – there’s a gem in here – honest! How many times have you vomited today? Yes, you read right. How many times? It may well have been several, yet you probably will not even have been aware. Now, before you think I have taken leave of my senses or […]

Inspiration, intelligence & the bottom line

November 15, 2010

I received an email response to my last blog from a pal of mine who suggested I include some more on “the inspiration of running such courses”.  I was struck by this and realised it kind of went to the core of things. Why do I do this work for a living? I certainly gave […]

It was 20 years ago this week…..

November 8, 2010

  Wednesday 6 November 1990. The day I picked up the phone in my living room in Carshalton to make my very first prospecting call as a self employed training practitioner. I had never run a training course in  my life before. I’d been been made redundant and shuffled my way out through my employer’s […]